Existing chambers are good in number and provide yeoman services for promotion of trade, commerce and industry. However large scale people are found excluded from the essential business services urgently required for their expansion and growth. This is due to limitation of existing chambers in terms of preference, scope, area of operation and corporate social responsibility. Further their range of services is confined with interest and objectives of a specific group unmindful of the preferential need and necessities of the society they live in. Consequently imbalanced growth in the society has become fate rather than holistic humanitarian development of the society.

Hence there exists scope and need for one or more new chambers for creation and supply of more services to wider business people and entrepreneurial development in the general population;


Material growth of the people and society seems to be the sole objective and efforts of existing chambers. This passion in turn nourishes and creates inhuman business values to earn either by hook and crook. This is in contrast to ultimate END of human endeavourer which completes with attainment of peace, prosperity and harmonious life and living. While this is true that a man cannot live without bread, it is equally true that man cannot live with bread alone.

And it is here that promotion and practice of human values in material pursuits of life becomes imperative. It may be noted that Islamic values are interwoven with faith and action and therefore more comprehensive than portioned, sectarian, regional, and community based values more often known and prevalent universal values.


In addition of individual benefits as mentioned above your participation shall lead to various social benefits which we shall collectively share as part of the community. Few of them may be as below:

  1. i.  Become partner and promoter in creating a powerful platform for lobbying and advocacy in the interest of members and general business community;

  2. ii.  Become popular force to wipeout vices prevalent in the business sector;

  3. iii.  Assure allocation and use of national resources for the production and sale of socially desirable goods and services ensuring socio economic upliftment rather than harmful and unwanted commodities;

  4. iv.  Increased Business Inclusion and balanced growth on account of given due priority to micro home and small scale business units in collaboration of government schemes;

  5. v.  Establish repute and respect for “MADE IN INDIA” in the national and international markets 


Profit driven Business / commercial activities become Ethical and value based once they are based on the need and requirement of both self and society and not sheer greed based individual profit motive. The Prophet emphasized that honesty and kind dealings with customers are the secrets of success in business

  1. i.  Towards Our Customers:
    Our primary responsibility is to provide goods and service to all the customers error free and without any bias and compromise on the quality of product and services. It should be supplied on reasonable prices by optimally managing production cost.

  2. ii.  Towards Our Suppliers and Distributors:
    We will seek cooperation and coordination with suppliers, sales agencies and agents to maintain consistency in quality and service. We will ensure that they make a fair profit without resorting to unethical practice like hoarding and creating artificial shortage .

  3. iii.  Towards Our Employees:
    Ensure just, fair and timely payment of wages and ex gratia payments , if any, in addition to safe and clean work place /conditions. Moreover opportunities of consultation with employees and the opportunities for their growth and skill development will be made available. Further as for as possible they will receive general treatment and care like a family members.

  4. iv.  Towards Our Competitors:
    We should adopt and promote Competition and competitive spirit as it has lot of positive outcomes. But should be fair and cooperative in nature rather than cut throat competition in practice. For this we should not engage in and promote to emergence of monopolistic behavior leading to run and ruin business sector at large.

  5. v.  Towards Our Stakeholders:
    We will work diligently and equitably share the outcome of business with all stakeholders without involving in fraud or fraudulent practices. We should create reserves to meet emergencies so as to save our stakeholders from difficult time. While conducting business we shall engage in what is legitimate and lawful (Halal) and refrain from what is illegitimate and unlawful (Haram). We will not waste company resources on false need so as to maximize rate of return to all stakeholders.

  6. vi.  Towards Our Community and the Nation:
    In addition to paying ZKAKT i.e. 2.5% of our annual surplus earning , we shall prudently follow the responsibilities bestowed on as corporate social responsibility (CSR) . We will be good citizens, paying our fair share of taxes and contributing to the welfare of the needy and the destitute. We will protect our environment and natural resources.


  1. 1.  The resources of the universe at our command are by way of GUARDIANSHIP and not by way of OWNERSHIP. Hence while we are free to use them economically but have no right to waste or destroy;

  2. 2.  Allocate the resources for production, supply, sale / service and consumption of socially desirable goods and services rather than prohibited uncommon goods socially undesirable;

  3. 3.  Further resources on earth and universe are not only for us but for all creatures of present and future. Hence we are duty bound to leave the world in a better condition for the posterity;

  4. 4.  Globalization should mean that all people are considered to comprise one family. It means that human being is one family. Hence we should like for others what we like for us so as to live in peace and prosperity;

  5. 5.  People involved in business should promote ethical standards and always be honest, truthful, and fulfill all promises and commitments. We must eliminate fraud and cut-throat competition.

  6. 6. Distinctive mark of standard, normal and sub standard goods mentioned before sale and service;

  7. 7.  No involvement of RIBA / INTEREST in any way. Moreover transaction of Haram items, such as intoxicants, Pork, Wine gambling, lottery etc type of products and services are forbidde


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