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Knowledge is power, it is essential to be aware of the changes in the business environment to remain relevant with time and avoid getting crushed by the competition. Although the gains in the business/trade world are majorly materialistic in nature, a person can only thrive if he has some prerequisite qualities such as knowledge of the field, passion and dedication, awareness, vision and resource allocation. All this can be learned if a person has quality guidance. We guarantee to help our members achieve this by providing the scope of capacity building.

Capacity Building:

Capacity to optimally use and manage the available resources and take advantage of occasional opportunities ensures success and profit in business. Chamber will provide free training through seminars and workshops conducted by professionals in the field of technology, finanace and business management to its members


Expansion of business through larger network with gains from shared business experience is one of the effective means to get exposure and larger demand of the product and services supplied by members. Chamber with support from experts will arrange exposure through network, workshops, members gathering and exhibit and trade fares in domestic and international market [Organisation Name]-- is comprised of professionals from a wide range of backgrounds. A member can enhance his/her networking to work towards the greater good of the society as well as achieve their professional goals through the most lawful and halal means To be organized and notified from time to time

Free guidance for Shariah and legal business compliances and business Branding

Shariah Advisors have been identified and appointed.. They have agreed to provide Issue based guidance as and when required and requested

Free enrolment in online members directory

Members register update is under process. It will be uploaded once we enroll 300 members may be by April 2018

Opportunity to join chambers management team at different levels

Team at different levels is already made and the process is on. Those interested to join at city based promotion and management may write to admin for necessary action

Countrywide B 2 B promotion opportunities through chambers local offices

Establishment of city and state level offices are under process. It shall shortly be notified

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